By Dennis Milimo


The most controversial rapper in Kenya Bobby Mapesa is alleging that Genge Godfather Mr. Harbert Nakitare aka Nonini owes him three million

According to Bobby Mapesa, Nonini owes him three million out of their collabo of mtoto mzuri that they released back in the year 2006. He claims that Nonini have be receiving lots of money through the music copyright society of Kenya (MSCK) and therefore he should pay him a whooping three million shillings.

This is a huge allegation that bobby Mapesa droped during an interview on one of the local radio station in the country.

The hit maker of Gwara Winch claims that Mtoto Mzuri is the biggest song that Nonini has ever recorded in his musical carrier and all thanks to him. He went ahead to drop a bombshell that even Nonini does not how to write songs and therefore he should look for his services in terms of writing lyrics.

Bobby Mapesa aka Bobby Sasadaka has shifted his attention into the Gospel industry and drop a new jam titled “Nisamehe”.

I have changed the way I write my lyrics to a very mature angle and now I can advise other artist to follow my foot steps and give fans some good music like I do,” said Mapesa.

Bobby Mapesa who featured in Calvo Mistari’s song Tuzidi , will be realizing an Album called “Mtoto wa Mungu” very soon with gospel tracks in it.

The Godfather of Genge  Nonini over a number of years has been among top beneficiaries of MSCK and this might be the reason why Bobby Mapesa feels that the Hit maker of” Manzi wa Nairobi “ owes him some mullah.


It’s not clear if this king of controversy is trying to use others people’s names to stay relevant in the industry or a true allegation, because its ten years down the line since the release of Mtoto Mzuri collabo.

We will be waiting for Nonini to respond to this allegation of whether he owes Bobby Mapesa 3 million or is just his daily tricks to help him remain relevant in the game.

In his new song he say that “Bobby Mapesa is saved and forgiven all who wronged him , I wonder why He  haven’t forgiven Nonini.

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