By Dennis Milimo


The flamboyant and richest female celebrity Esther Akoth aka Akothee is rumored to have wedded her Mzungu fiancé while on a vocation in South Africa.

The proud mama of five is seen having a good time with a white man while in a wedding dress basing on the pictures on her Facebook and Instagram account and in a very happy mood after walking down the aisle with the man of his dreams.

According to Akothee she is a woman who goes for what she wants and not what is available, adding that it’s her black beauty that attracted the Mzungu into her life.

Here is the screen shoot I got for you.

Wachenie nilie Kwa chopper Kuliko kulia Kwa Baisikeli nikinyeshewa (I better cry while in a chopper, than cry on a bicycle while being rained on) a famous line in one of Sauti  Sol’s song.

“No apologies Yes I do, honey are you coming with me to the Luo festival”, captioned akothe in a video she posted on her Facebook page.


So for those attending the Luo Festival be sure to mingle with Akothee husband, only if he will be willing to attend, after being asked to do so by her fiancé.

The rich mama went ahead to spill the beans by saying “don’t judge me, judge your life mine is already sorted #Madaboss.

“I am that woman who goes for what I wants & not what’s available, it’s my black beauty that caught his mouth Zero , irrespective of the no of children I have , he has taken me wholesale & I have welcomed him in my family , live once & live like ‪#‎madamboss for richer for richest , my bed is warm now (you the papa of my pikin ) he is my King & am his queen in our small queendom !” captioned Akothee

Indeed life is good for Esther Akoth aka Akothee as the weeding was full of expensive cars and choppers rolling up in the air.


But it is not clear if it was a video shoot for Akothee or a wedding for real, as the kisses in the photos say it all.

Is it a drill or a really wedding coz here at the famous hub we had started to prepare our “Kitenges” in order to attend the wedding?

Keep it thefamoushub.wordpress.com for more information about this.


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