By Dennis Milimo

Flamboyant and richest female singer in the Kenyan industry Esther Akoth aka Akothee is set to relocate to Europe permanently with her whole family.

Akothee who is dating a Mzungu who has the origin of Europe seems to have agreed to relocate and join the love of her life and shorten the long distance relationship.

Speaking during a radio interview on Mambo Mseto, Akothee said that her reason of relocating is that, she was given a compulsory bed rest and the father of her kids feels like she is not getting enough rest as directed, therefore opting to relocate her to Europe where the husband will be keeping an eye on her.

Akothee went ahead to spill the beans by saying that she will be jetting back in the country for holidays and have a good time with friends.

The hit maker “Yuko Moyoni” is set to walk down Aisle come November this year in the same country in an affair that might be an invite only.

This is coming days after Rapper Abbas Kubaff relocated to Europe in company of his wife to start a new life all again.

According to Abbas Kubaff moved out of the country in order to give his kids a good life.

Akothee is carrying baby number six and her husband is determined to give the unborn baby a life time treatment.


Just the other day Akothee bought a FERRARI for going to the clinic and before his fans could absorb the news, Akothee landed at the Luo festival in style with a chopper and a limousine.

Safe journey Akothee has you prepare to relocate, but don’t forget to invite TheFamoushub crew to your wedding come November.

But don’t forget you can interact with Akothee  her on social media accounts.






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