By Dennis Milimo

The Le grand mpao aka Koffi Olomide was Arrested out side citizen studios where he had gone for an interview on a show dubbed  #OneonOne .Koffi was arrested while trying to clear the air on what transpired at the airport.

After the arrested Koffi has been deported back to his country Congo at 11 :15 Kenyan time and touched down in Kinshasa at around 12:30pm.

This is coming after Koffi assaulted one of his female dancers upon his arrival at JKIA upon his concert at the BOMAS of Kenya come tomorrow.

Kofffi have been driven to JKIA police station by Kenyan police where he will be held until further notice.

But according to the girl who was assaulted by Koffi, she has said that Koffi did not kick her, adding that the singer loves him so much.

Twitter has been on blaze since morning with the hash tag trending all day. Kenyans and the world at large have been able to express their feelings about Koffi’s action at the airport.

The power of #kot has been witnessed  has Kenyans have been talking since yesterday.  Remember all tickets had been sold and the promoter of the show is ready for tomorrow.

Hit the pause button and wait for what unfolds next.

So lover of Rhumba music have been disappointed by the unfolding of this events as many had purchased tickets to attend the concert but now its no more.



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