By Dennis Milimo

Socialite Vera Sidika is on a media tour in the land of “Hapa Kazi Tu” Tanzania to promote her upcoming reality Tv show that is in the pipeline being filmed.  Speaking to Bongo 5 Vera Sidika revealed that she has never met with socialite Huddah Monroe whom they are always beefing around on social media.
While answering questions in an interview, VERA declared that she has never met with huddah Monroe for more than four years and she only gets news from her friends when the bosslady hates on her.
“I don’t have any beef with huddah Monroe, am always that good hearted girl and I don’t like building bad blood with my fellow Kenyans. I hustle in my own wway and respect other peoples hustle too”, said Queen Vee
She added that Huddah has been accusing her of having Hiv/Aids a thing that offended her so much. This forced her to posted her HIV status on her snapchat handle as a way of clearing the air.
“I had to counter Huddah Monroe and ensure that she stops spoiling my name all over social media”,Vee
During the interview Vera Sidika revealed her sources of money “ am here to promote my herbal tea that I use to get this flat tummy, and I will be lunching the brand of my herbal tea after two months. I also get paid for attending and hosting event and I have a hair salon that sums up the source of money.
Vera sidika narrated how she came to Nairobi and claimed her spot in the entertainment industry, where she began as a model back in the days in the Mombasa before the You Guy video produced by P unit came calling.
“I started as a model back in Mombasa, coz my dream was to be a model but all that changed after featuring in the P unit video that was the talk of town by that  time.  I came to study Interior Design at Kenyatta University, But unfortunately I have noe been able to complete the course due to my tight schedule but am sure this being my final year I will complete it ,” said VEE S BEIBY.
VERA SIDIKA  is also in Tanzania to attend Diamond Platnumz baby’s birthday  “Tiffah Dangote” bearing in mind that she is a close to Zari the Bosslady.
She bragged on how she has been able to maintain her massive behind and flat tummy over a number of years now.
“I do a lot of sit-ups to maintain this  perfect  curves ,so those dreaming at having a figure like mine should do a lot of  workouts , nothing comes easy,”
Vera Sidika is one of the highly ranked Kenyan socialites who are living big , and all thanks to their Bootylicious behinds that keeps on securing deals left right and center. Judging from her photos on Instagram , indeed Vera is eating life with a big spoon. No doubt about it.Vera



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