Kenyan Superstar Kunguru is Back

By Dennis Milimo


They hashtag #KanguruIsBack  took the better part of Twitter and social media at large  announcing the comeback of Kenyan Musician Kunguru who had been off the lime light for quite some time now. Kunguru who is a master of all trades ranging from;  Banker, Song writer, Creative designer, Coach and a Mentor dropped a brand new tune on the 21st September featuring Idd Aziz as a signature tune for his return into the music industry.

Kunguru fans joined the movement expressing their joy for the return of one of their favorite artist who had been missing in action, tweeting on how they had missed his sweet song for the period he had not been in action.

The song released by Kunguru #Vumilia was meant to address the violence being experienced in marriages nowdays, making couples to break up. The song talks about couples who have been fighting but they have decided to reconcile and leave together in in peace.

The caption of the song on YouTube states that it’s a song calling for reconciliation between 2 estranged couple with a wayward husband begging to come back.



Before the Comeback Kunguru had dropped big tune #HuyuDem featuring Linex Sunday from Tanzania.

Some of the songs that Kunguru can be remember for are Baby don’t go featuring Mr Lenny and also African woman both released in 2013.

According to Kunguru he has made a come officially into the music industry and he is set to drop hit after hit for his fans  who had be yearning for his talented voice.




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