By Opiyo  Bernadine


Mr Asaka Nyangara addressing a press in Yemen PHOTO/COURTSEY

It came as a shock to many aspirants but not a shock to any Kisumu resident who to
them Asaka Nyangara was largely unknown. In fact, reading the comments of the write
up it clearly showed why the good doctor ought not to have joined the race. Majority of
people were asking who Asaka was. Our investigation crew sought to find the answers
herein below
1. Contract Renewal
Our deep investigations reveal that a man who goes by the name Erick Nyangara
recently posted a letter which show’s Daktari’s contract renewal with World Food
Program beginning September, 2016. This confirms our initial thoughts of him deciding to drop out because why would someone renew a 3 year contract in a campaign year.
Mr. Eric, our sources further reveal, is a disgruntled brother of Dr. Asaka who is
supporting Prof. Nyong’o s campaign. Clearly he wasn’t going to get time to campaign
due to work commitments and because he has also gone back to school to be a
professor to achieve his dream of teaching in one of the Ivy League Universities. Asaka
is thought to be earning so well in his new job, we’ll over a million shillings and his family differed with him regarding leaving that job despite not providing as he would
require. Further information reveal that his former number one supporter Mr .Okal, who is away to India on medication decamped after he did not turn up for the fundraiser. On a closer look, why did Asaka not talk despite being in the program at Late Akumu’s burial? He knew he was already out and didn’t know what to say.




  1. Origin

Initially it was a rumour but after surface scrutiny, it looks like Dr.Asaka’s native land is in Nyamache, Nyamira County. It is true that Nyamira County is close to and borders
Kisumu and Homa Bay Counties. The Nyamache area is common with the name
Nyangara, Nyakende, Nyankioma, Nyanchwani and Nyagarama. It would interest you to know that Nyamira County Governor is called John Nyagarama. The Nyangara Clan
forms the majority clan in North Mugirango Constituency in Nyamira County. It is
believed Mr. Asaka, who is his grandfather, due to family feuds, left home to settle in
upper Nyakach where he has been assimilated and speaks the Luo language. It is not
uncommon to find Kisii’s speak the Luo language fluently. For a man whose facial attributes and demeanor resembles the Abagusii it is said that this secret was about to be revealed and hence to save face had to opt out. His position left him in a tight spot in a county dominated by the native Kano, Nyakach, Seme, Kajulu and Kisumo people.


  1. Withdrawals

Asaka’s camp was disjointed and has been reduced to updating his Facebook and Twitter pages which is being done by a sibling. Everyone knows that he is never there and comes once in three weeks.
Due to these factors, and from a secret memo sent to his supporters, his official withdrawal announcement is meant to take place on 20th October, Mashujaa Day at
Pap-Onditi. The coronation of the only remaining candidate from Nyakach will take place later that day. We wish Dr. Asaka Nyangara success.




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