Queen Of Radio And Social Activist Adelle Onyango Unveils YouTube Channel In Exciting Dare Pact

Queen Of Radio And Social Activist Adelle Onyango Unveils YouTube Channel In Exciting Dare Pact
By Dennis Milimo



Popular radio personality Adelle Onyango has unveiled her new YouTube Channel with an exciting series of adventures. The YouTube channel houses her new weekly series Adelle On The Loose.
It follows Adelle’s quest for adventure. It shows the media personalities quest for fun and the unknown away from the radio booth as she discovers Kenyan treasures from interesting personalities, hidden restaurants, culinary delights, new music, dance…basically anything you did not know.
Adelle said, “Honestly, I love experiencing life and I think there are many stories I can tell while I’m doing this. So why not do it and take people on the journey with me.”
Her first episode saw her learn how to dance with Art in Motion accompanied with Kagwe Mungai and Fena.
“Basically i’m going across the 254 looking for activities you may not know about,” Adelle described her channel.
In her latest episode – that has already gone viral – Adelle is dared to feed a giraffe with her mouth. Or just come right out and kiss it.
Adelle jumped on the dare and said, “Mission accepted!”
The segment dubbed 50/50 is a dare that Adelle has to accept and perform to the letter.
“Well it’ll probably be monthly. Phocus Photography are behind the 50/50 dares so if they decide to shock me weekly why not. It’s very spontaneous,” she added.
Here is how Adelle and a 16-year-old giraffe called Kelly got cosy and locked lips.
So, how does a giraffe’s spit taste like? “Like swiss chocolate!”

Asked what dare she would never do, Adelle laughed and said, “I’m such a sport. I do all dares. Hopefully the next one is a kiss with say idris elba this time!”

Check out her YouTube channel for more from this segment.
Apart from the YouTube channel Adele Onyango runs other projects like Ficha Uchi where she is a brand Ambassador, Project SHE meant to empower YOUNG Africans, and then the NO MEANS NO campaign meant to help rape victims.




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