JOHN POMBE MAGUFULI phones Diamond Platinum while on a Live TV Interview.

Tanzanian president JOHN POMBE MAGUFULI phones diamond platinum while on a live TV interview.
By Dennis Milimo
Tanzanian presidential candidate of the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) Party John Magufuli speaks on his phone after he was declared the winner at State House in Dar es Salaam
When people talk of a coolest president, many will tend to think of the outgoing USA resident Barack Obama and then closely the Kenyan President who is always mingling with the youths left right and center.
But just across the fence, Tanzanian president Jogn Pombe Magufuli seems to be the coolest president around. This is after Magufuli phoned Diamond Platinumz during a Live TV Show on Clouds TV.
President Maguli of the famous slogan HAPA KAZI TU called the TV station to congratulated Mr Simba for his effort in the music industry and also carrying the flag of Tanzania shoulder high across the world.
Asante sana nimekusikia, lakini nakupongeza sana kwa kuzidi kuitangaza Tanzania katika masuala ya muziki na nawapongeza wanamuziki wote hata wale wanaogiza nawapenda sana wale, Shilawadu nk, asanteni jamani.” (Thank you, I’ve heard you. But I congratulate you for promoting tanzania musically and I also congratulate other musicians, even those ones who act, etc, I love you all. Thanks).
While on one on one conversation with president Magufuli the CEO WCB used the opportunity to ask the president to support Tanzanian Talents so that they can achieve more and create employment.
“Mimi namuomba Rais Magufuli kama anavyosaidia mengine kwa wepesi, kwenye sanaa uweke mkono wako Baba tunakutegemea” Here is a video uploaded on YouTube, courtesy of Clouds TV.


During the era of JAKAYA KIKWETE a good number of musicians in Tanzania were supported and you could see them visiting the president at State house to ask for help.



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