A list of celebrities who have used their prayer partners as models and Video Vixen in their own Songs.

Here is the list of Celebrities who have used their Girlfriends (Lovers) in their own videos.
By Dennis Milimo
When you are musician composing a song and shooting its video are two different things that require a lot of creativity and budget.
Once the song is out the producer or video direct have to think in terms of the location, models and all the necessary equipment’s required to shoot a good video.
Hiring models for a video shoot is one of the most expensive things apart from the professional cameras set to be used.
A number of artist in East Africa now days seems to be shying away from the huge budget by using their own Girlfriends or Lovers in their own videos so as to cut cost.
The list of those who have featured their lovers in their usic Videos is getting long day by day, and therefore its high time I sample them out.
  1. Diamond Platinumz
He is one of the biggest stars right now in the music market. While shooting the video of his song Utanipenda, platinum used his wife Zari the Boss Lady.
Zari Hassan appeared on the main table as the main model bearing in mind that the song was also taking to her.
It can be remembered that the time Platinumz was dating Wema Sepetu, he also used her in the video of the song Moyo Wangu.

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  1. Kevin Bahati
In 2016 gospel kid Kevin Bahati dropped a song called Mapenzi where he had featured Diana Marua a model in the Kenyan industry.
Little did we know, this was preparing Diana Marua to be Bahati’s Prayer partner. Kevin Bahati and Diana Marua are now any item.
  1. Barnaba Classic
Barnaba Classic is one of the most celebrated musicians in Tanzania and the whole of East Africa. He is one of the legends who have managed to stay in the game for the longest period without fading off despite entry of new and fresh talents on the market.
While shooting his song “WAHALADE” in 2014, Barnaba decide to feature his wife “Mama Steven and the song did very well on the market. After the video Barnaba declared that he can’t allow his wife to be used in a video by another Artist.
  1. Harmonize
After rumors  spreading that he had been dumped by his baby mama, Harmonize from WCB decided to proof haters wrong by using Jacqueline Wolper who doubles up as his prayer partner in his latest tune, “Niambie”.


Jacqueline Wolper and Harmonize have been dating from 2016 and now they are among few celebrity couples in town. According to Harmonize the song Niambie was dedicated to Jacqueline Wolper and therefore no one else could have played the part well apart from his girlfriend and Lover.
  1. Jux Juma/Vanessa Mdee
Jux Juma is talented artist in the land of Magufuli although he is not known by many people across the borders of East Africa.
Jux Juma is the Boyfriend to the sweet and Beautiful Venassa Mdee. The two met at a recording session in studio and the chemistry clicked and as they say the rest is history.
In the song “SISIKII” sang by Jux , Vanessa Mdee was used as the main video Vixen and being the smart Girl she is , she did not disappoint at all.
After that the two composed a song together called JUU and again the video featured only Juma and Vanessa.
  1. NUH Mziwanda
Nuh Mziwanda is awell known name in Tanzaina and east Africa due to his unique and beautiful voice. In the song “Msondo Ngoma” Nuh featured Movie star Shilole.
Shilole and Nuh Mziwanda were an item back in the days.
  1. Mabeste
Mabeste featured his wife in the song USIWE BUBU. Back in the days his wife also used to be his Manager. The two are happily married and the have two kids.
Can you use your girlfriend or Wife in a video shoot?




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