#ElectionsKE :Celebrities who have ditched the Microphone for politics

Here is the list of celebrities who have ditched  the microphone for Politics
By Dennis Milimo



The race to the August House is drawing near day in day out with aspirants and Political Parties allying themselves strategically to ensure they emerge winners.
The Kenyan Entertainment Industry has not been left behind. A number of celebrities have decided to throw their weight in the political Arena and via for different seats to represent the affairs of the people.
Kenyan politics has witnessed a huge number of musicians who have ditched the Microphone to focus on politics.
Today I will be sampling out those who have chosen the August House over the Microphone.
  1. Frasha aka Francis Hamisi
Despite Francis Hamisi being a trainer medical practioner he choose to follow his heart and exploit his talent, that have been putting food on his table.
He is well known from the group P-unit, a combination of three young men who have been entertaining Kenyans over the years.
Frasha will be going for the MCA seat back at his home yard, Athi River. Frasha declared his candidature in the political world during the second edition of Mass Voter Registration that closed last month.
Frasha aka Daktari will be joining other Athi River MCA’s in the county assembly on the 9th of Aguast 2017 only if he will be able to unseat the current MCA.

mca frashaFrashak

  1. Jaguar
Since he announced intrest in the starehe constituency seat, controversy has been haunting the hit maker of kigeugeu left, right and centre.
Charles Kanji declared his candidature for the Starehe here in Nairobi and things have not be smoothly on his way.
Jaguar is well known for his generosity, as he is always in the society helping the less fortunate.
Being the philanthropic person he is Jaguar has decided to dram support for his name as the next MP of Starehe Constituency.
Let the people of Starehe decide when the august general election hits the ballot.
Recently his car was involved in an accident killing two people with a case awaiting him in the court of law. According to political analysts this could paint his name with a bad picture and end up spoiling his cards.

JaguarJAGUAR (1)

  1. Ali –B
He is known as the king of coastal music with his infamous slogan “Muziki wa nazi”.
Mshomoroni will be the ward to be for Mheshimiwa Ali- B who have decided to rest his musical career in the sand to try new adventures. It is not clear if Ali B will be singing to voters as a way of asking for votes or he will just go the political way and pour out empty promises.


  1. Cannibal
If you ask kids of generation “Smartphone” who is Cannibal many will black out because they dont have an idea of who he is.
But real music lovers remembers Cannibal from a musical group he used to have back then with his fellow artist Sharama.
Sharama and Cannibal were big names in the industry before their stars were covered with a huge cloud that has refused to go away. Cannibal is going for Mtopanga seat.
This is expected to be a celebrity affair on the ballot box, and as it goes may the best candidate win.


  1. Baba Baha of Machachari
He is the soft spoken guy on our screens, while taking up the roles of a father in the famous TV programme Machachari.
 Going by the name coaches, Baba Baha as also declared his interest in the political world and he will be going for the Embakasi South Parliamentary seat.


  1. Mwogolo
He is already in the political arena as an MCA in the Nairobi County Assembly. Mwogolo was an artist before joining politics back in the years 2013.
He has been fighting for the interest of his fellow musicians in the country to ensure they are fully supported to do what they do best.


Nyasukuta is one of the ladies who have decide to join politics on the Jubilee ticket. Nyasukuta was recently attached people who were allegedly sent by his competitors.
This coastal artist is going for the Tononoka MCA seat


All the best Guys



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