Socialite Corazon Kwamboka introduces her new “Mzungu” boyfriend to the World

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka introduces her new Mzungu boyfriend to the World
By Dennis Milimo
Corazon Kwamboka is on the list of famous socialites in the country and all thanks to her massive behind that keeps on securing deals left, right and centre.
Recently Corazon who is also a certified Lawyer has been on a vacation across the borders hanging out with her new boyfriend.
Corazon Kwamboka has dropped a number of photos on Instagram pouring out her heart to her Mzungu boyfriend,
The two seems to be swimming deep in the waters of Love and nothing can stop them from being a happy couple.
In one picture Corazon throws out a nice caption for his photo.


All I need in this World of sin: is me and my boyfriend” captioned on Instagram.
The socialite goes ahead to reveal how lucky she is to have an amazing and handsome boyfriend.
; I feel very lucky and blessed to have known you; you are the most amazing guy I have ever met; the most handsome; kindest; loving and understanding. May your year be filled with lots of joy and blessings. I love you” captioned the queen of Booty


Corazon also doubles up as a brand ambassador of her own cloth line as you will see her advertising new arrivals in her shop in epic photos that leave a good number of men throwing wishes in the air and desire to bed her.
Despite the shop stocking  ladies clothes , men also do visit it to inquire and bargain for their girlfriend and at least “Kula kwa macho”
According to Corazon she always registers very good sales when she makes an appearance at the shop and decides to stay at the counter and make sales by herself.




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