We need you back!! Fans cry out to celebrated Radio presenter Mzee Jalas

We need you back!! Fans cry out to celebrated Radio presenter Mzee Jalas
By Dennis Milimo
The news of celebrated comedian and Radio Presenter Mzee Jalangoo Mwenyewe leaving Radio Maisha was not received well by his fans.
A good number of his fans took to Social Media to try and lure him back to his former Employer Standard Group but all as been in Vain.
Other’s decided to make Phone calls on the morning Show #AlexNaJalas Asubuhi asking the management to bring back their favorite presenter but nothing as changed so far.
They say there is nothing sweet in the life of a human being like change. And therefore at a given level in your career change enable you to grow and realize other potentials that have been seating on without knowing.


Never get comfortable in your career unless you are being paid millions of money per second.
Change also allows you to meet new people in your life who can take you to the next level. But what thing about change is that; it is not always a guarantee that you are going to have a smooth run in your new world.
According to the comments on social media platforms of Mzee Jalango Mwenyewe, there must be some pressure that are falling on his neck giving him that option of either to respect his fans or follow his heart.
The decision to quit his job at Radio Maisha can only be explained in diagrams and words well by Jalaongo himself.


“Don’t worry my fans I will be back soon, bigger and better, and I will let you know in good time! Keep it here”, posted Jalongoo on Instagram.
From where is seat this is just away of absorbing pressure from his many fans who are concerned about the where about of their Main man.
According to his partner at Radio Maisha, Alex Mwakideu it took him more than a week to accept that indeed his longtime friend was not with him in studio again.

alex mwakideu

It is understood that the comedian ditched the Michrophone to join political campgains a his friends who are in the political world.


Despite this Jalango has been on the move hosting event left, right and center making his bank account expand.
Going through Jalongo’s social media platforms gives me a picture of the real situation on the ground in terms of how Jalango is loved by his fans.
Have a look at this; Concerned fans
But at the end of the day, Jalango know why he left Radio Maisha, so as much as Fans can talk , the decision of whether to be back or not rests in his hands.



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