Legendary Uganda Singer pours cold water on divorce rumours

Legendary Uganda Singer pours cold water on divorce rumours

By Dennis Milimo

Jose n wife

Celebrated Ugandan singer Dr. Jose Chameleone has poured cold water on allegations that he is divorcing with his wife Daniella Atim.

Through his Facebook page, the hitmaker of Tubonge, decided to “Bonga” with his fans and clear the air regarding reports that were doing rounds on social media that his wife had filed for a divorce.


“What God put together, No man shall put apart!!
We are not Angels so no one is perfect.
It’s not the times a man falls that matter,
It’s his strength to stand again.

Love you so much, Daniella,
Regardless of what is spreading around, we stuck together so they should know.

There shall be NO DIVORCE as reported.” he wrote.


On April 19, a letter surfaced online alleging that Chameleone’s Wife had filed a divorce case against him to what was termed as domestic violence in their marriage.

In the facebook video, Jose Chameleone bashed out to people who have been waiting for his downfall.  He added his a Catholic and therefore his faith can’t even allow him to think of divorce.

I want all the people on social media to stop spreading fake news about me divorcing my wife Daniella, I belong to #TeamNoDivorce,” said Jose Chameleone in the Video.

Wife jose

However, somewhere in the video Jose is not sure if the Wife has filed for a divorce or not. During the whole 48 minutes video Jose moves with his Wife from home to go and pick other kids from school but the wife has not commented on the story all along.


From where I sit, Jose Chameleone could have used the allegation’s to turn things around in his marriage through the Facebook live, as the whole world was watching his steps.

Jose Mayanja and Daniella Mayanja Atim have been married for the past 10 years and they have four kids together.


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