Ladies!!! Snub that broke niggah in your DM at your own risk

Lady cries out after snubbing the winner of Sh221million on Facebook
By Dennis Milimo

carol morara the lady who snob the sh221 million winner back in the days

When I listen to the lyrics of the “Be Humble” by the famous musicians Kendrick Lamar, a clear picture of the whole scenario registers in my mind making nod my head and say “sit down”.
A young beautiful lady has expressed his regrets after snubbing the winner Sh221million of the SportPesa Meja JackPot back in the year 2011 when he tried to hit on her.


The lady by the name Carol Morara expressed her deepest regret after she learned that the guy she ignored back in the days is the new Millionaire in town.
“A moment of silent for the guys we snob,” posted Carol with the screen short of the DM messages she had received from Samuel Abisai the winner of the 221 million.


This being the 21st century a good number of ladies always run for already established men as they fear to build a future with someone who doesn’t have much at a particular time.
This scenario should serve as a warning to all ladies who like to brush off or ignore the messages of men who slide into their DM. my sister you never know what the future holds for that guy in your DM.
When you see a guy texting you just remember one thing “Be Humble” the next “Samuel Abisai” might be at your door step.


According to Abisai, he is dating and will be walking down the aisle very soon.
Should Carol Morara had replied to Abisai’s Message, she could be the wife to be the newest Millionaire in town.




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