Gospel Sensation Willy Paul angers Kenyans after splashing money on Live TV [Video]

Gospel Sensation Willy Paul angers Kenyans after pouring money on Live TV [Video]
By Dennis MilimoPOzee.PNG

Kenyan gospel artist Willy Paul is not new to controversy due to his controversial lifestyle.

 Yesterday while appearing on 10over10 a program that airs on Citizen TV, Willy Paul decide to rewards his fans with some goodies.
 Willy Unleashed bundles of money from his pockets and used some to wipe sweat before giving it to his fans. He went ahead to distribute the rest of the notes to his fans.
Willy Paul acts did not sink well with a section of Kenyans after he gave out the money while uttering unkind words.
One Kenyan on YouTube had this to say “This nigga is showing off in the name of gospel music”
Another one “I always keep my comment to myself but this has gonna to far Willy paul should know that pride comes before a fall he needs to trend carefully waliotangulia wako wapi note that the higher you rise,when it come to a fall you fall with a very big bang i would persuade him never to forget the humble beginings,i,m a secural artist with over 70songs under my belts
Many People pointed fingers asking the gospel artist to humble himself as always pride comes before a downfall.
Willy Pozzeee.PNG
“Maskini akipata wadau wangu nipe jibu……. huyu kijana alikua msoto Sana 2008 sai ndo huyo yuajipanguza jasho na hela na maskini walala njaa ata our president hajawai fanya ivo ata Bill Gates. The Bible says Don’t show off I wish the late kaberera angekua kina Angela chibalonza wamfunze huyu kijana for real hawe mwokovu. the devil is controlling”

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