Comedian Chipukeezy finally meets his mentor in Los Angeles

Comedian Chipukeezy finally meets his mentor in Los Angeles
By Dennis Milimo
Vine Chipu.PNG

Kenyan top comedian Chipukeezy finally got the opportunity of meeting with his mentor Kevin Hart while on a tour in the US.

Chipukeezy who is among four Kenyan comedians who staged a show on Sunday 11th at the Rainer Ethiopia Centre in USA happened to attend Kevin Hart’s tour to promote his new book. Chipikeezy got the opportunity to rub shoulders with Kevin Hart and he has finally revealed what the comedian told.
 According to the excited Chipukeezy Kevin Hart told him that he would like to see him at the top.
“If you can see it in your mind you will hold it in your hand. This man inspires me and I have always wanted to meet up with him and tell him to his face @kevinhart4real it was a pleasure man. He told me that he can’t wait to see me at the Top #i can’t make this up I can’t wait too Hollywood am coming” captioned Chipukeezy.
Kevin Hart who was in Los Angeles mingled with his fans while at the Grove in Los Angeles.
Kevin Hart released his book to the market titled “I Can’t Make This Up” and he has been busy promoting it in the US. The book talks about his journey in his and all the lessons learned over the years.

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